Insecurities, shame, and self consciousness that comes with hair loss…Trichologist Ky Smith knows it all too well. 

She’s experienced the frustration of wanting to hide bald patches with weaves, and hats, and has even dealt with the failure of ‘proven’ formulas. After going through the discouragement of this, as well as trying nearly every solution out there, Ky had a realization: the answer was never in a solution, but instead in a process, which is what doctors often overlook. 

She could have stopped at her own recovery, but she didn’t. Instead, Ky rose from the ashes like a phoenix, and now acts as a beacon of hope and inspiration to women all over the world. 

Superwoman, as we like to call her, Ky has used her own experience to empower women to take action and tackle their hair loss challenges. No easy task as hair loss can be tricky, emotionally scarring, and all together draining. Yet, Ky embraced this mission with ferocity and now dedicates her time to helping women of all walks of life, not only with their hair loss challenges, but to recover from both the inner and outer roadblocks in their lives. 

Your hair is a barometer of your health. It’s a window allowing you to see what’s happening on the inside of your body.


With over three decades of experience as a licensed beauty professional and hair loss expert, Ky Smith loves nothing more than sharing her wisdom with the global community of women who trust in her. She’s a true renaissance woman, holding certifications as a holistic health practitioner, nutritionist, and Trichologist. Often referred to as ‘Your Hair Loss Advocate’ because of the countless lives she has changed, Ky is the owner of Hair Loss Management Center of Houston, a virtual hair-loss clinic. 

Long before founding this virtual hair-loss clinic, Ky fell in love with hair care as a young child. Then, at the age of seventeen, she studied cosmetology at Alameda Beauty College before furthering her education by obtaining specialized certifications in hair cutting, coloring, barbering and business from pioneers in the industry like Vidal Sassoon, Dudley, and Goldwell. 

Not satisfied, Ky moved from her native home in Northern California to Los Angeles in order to fulfill her dream of owning her own salon. That dream came true in 2006 when Ky became the owner of Folliclez 360 Salon and Wellness Spa. Five years later, she founded Styling for the Cure, an organization dedicated to beautifying women who have undergone or who are undergoing breast cancer treatment. 

Whew, and you think that’s it? Think again!

“It is a way of giving back to the community by using my gifts and the talent God has blessed me with,” Ky said of the experience. “We offer support to the victims and survivors in an effort to uplift women and help rebuild their outer appearance and self esteem. We provide healthy hair and beauty advice as they recover from the damage of Chemotherapy.”


In 2015, Ky released her first book, Discover the Secrets To Healthy Hair. This wealth of knowledge is often referred to as the ‘Hair Bible’ and is a go-to source of insight for women in the industry. She’s also written articles for Daily Makeover, Black Hair Information, Bridal Tribe, and had her professional work featured in publications such as Hype Hair and Black Hair

Absolutely remarkable? We like to think so too! One SUPER woman who was shaped from brittle roots (literally). From being spotlighted as a keynote speaker at nearly a dozen events over the years, to founding an organization that beautifies women who undergo breast cancer treatment, to publishing her own book, this multi-tasking queen has done it all to make her knowledge accessible to the public through the form of workshops, courses and books.

In 2018, and due to her powerful drive to be the missing link between hair care and medicine, Ky founded the American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases (AAHSD) where she trains beauty professionals to become certified Trichologists. 

Ky’s road to self-discovery has led to the success story of those she teaches. She is loved for her badass, no-nonsense approach, and her ability to empower others through the depth of her knowledge. She faithfully does this while staying true to her guiding core values of Integrity (honoring the God within her), Loyalty (protecting her time and attention in order to achieve her goals), Authenticity (being true to herself no matter the odds), Love (for herself which fuels compassion for others) and Family (the foundation which allows her to serve with a purpose). 



A discovery session is an introductory call that provides an opportunity for Ky to gain insight about your hair loss. During this time she will also share her 3-step Strategy to help you understand how she can assist with stabilizing your hair loss and restoring your hair. Once youve decided to recover your roots, its time to upgrade to a 1:1 Virtual or In-Office Consultation to begin uncovering the root of your hair loss.