Are You Ready to Uncover the Mysteries of Your Hair Loss?

I’m here to support you.

Did the flowing red hair in the photo catch your eye? Not surprising given the nature of this site. But I have a secret to tell you. Those locks you see were once mangled by hair loss. 

Let’s say goodbye to the days of hair loss solutions and products that leave you with more questions than answers. 

My name’s Ky Smith and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve battled hair loss, frustration, and a lack of confidence. I’m not ashamed because I won that battle, became a certified Trichologist, and have since dedicated my career to guiding women to regain their natural beauty. 

I do this with over three decades of cosmetology experience, as well as a deep-seated belief in a holistic, compassionate, and empathetic approach to both hair-loss and wellness. 

Taking the First Step is Free

Schedule Your Free 15-Minute Session From Anywhere


Time is the most valuable commodity. I’m sure you don’t like to waste it. Neither do I. That’s why our program starts with a focused, 15-minute consultation aimed at discovering the underlying causes of your hair loss. 

Beginning with the consultation, and for the duration of your wellness journey, I will assist in identifying everything from lifestyle habits, body function, and products aimed at rejuvenating your hair as well as your entire essence as a woman. 

I know what you’re thinking. Another newfangled product that will end in frustration and disappointment like all the rest. I’ve been there. But this isn’t a product. It’s a process. And that’s why I’m offering you a complementary call to explore the following holistic, three-step approach. 

  • Uncover the root cause of hair loss 
  • Treat the root cause, and the individual
  • Restore hair, health and self-confidence 

Jumping on a call together is the fastest and most proven way to understand your unique situation, your lifestyle, and your specific hair-growth cycle. Getting you on a path to wellness, not only for your hair, but for your mind, body, and spirit is what I strive for and it begins with this call. 

Make the choice. Decide today that you’re going to take back your power. I know I did and it’s the best decision I ever made about my hair-loss situation. You can make that decision, too, by simply scheduling the call, and then answering a few quick questions to help me get to know you before our session.

Get the Full Experience

The program is a journey of dedication and determination. Don’t forget that. It starts with the discovery session that’s been handcrafted to meet you where you’re at today. Afterwards, we’ll continue to work together, getting you to the place you want to be by taking advantage of the tools and techniques I’ve mastered over decades of experience.

Uncover the mysteries of hair loss With a Complete Virtual Consultation

While the discovery session is informational, uncovering the true nature of your hair loss requires us to get a bit more intimate. This happens when you and I partner for a ninety-minute, virtual consultation. It’s here that the details of your holistic plan truly take shape.

Wow! Where do I begin? I am fortunate to have found Ky Smith to help me pinpoint the cause of my hair loss. I have to admit, life had been extremely stressful for me in the last few years. On top of that, Covid. Over time, I neglected my health and well-being. The result was my hair falling out in the front of my head. I was happy to find a Black woman to work with me. I did not trust a non-Black person to know enough about our hair. I also knew that my health care provider would not have the same approach for treatment as a trichologist.

I met with Ky for a very thorough assessment and had specific blood work panels completed. One of the things we found is that I was deficient in Vitamin D. I was also experiencing inflammation in my scalp. Part of her treatment plan included a detox of my liver that had me following a specific eating regiment. I was ready for a re-set in my health and did not ask questions. I trusted her and followed the treatment plan. A few months into the plan and with periodic check-ins with her, the inflammation went away and my scalp felt 1000 times better. She has me taking photos to track the progress of my hair regrowth and re-growing it is!

I’m so glad that I found Ky. She is gifted and amazing. The hair loss was a symptom of me not taking care of myself. My conversations with her brought me back to what I know to be true. Eat healthy, eat clean, and take time for self-care.

– Carolawyn S.

The virtual consultation will include one of the key elements of the program – the Fact Finding Mission. This is a process I’ve fine tuned over the years in order to individualize the experience, and dig deeper into the aspects of your health and lifestyle that impact your hair growth. 

While I believe in a naturopathic view of health as the best approach to hair restoration, I also act as a liaison to enhance your relationship with your medical provider to gain further insight into your overall wellbeing. My goal is to help you form a dedicated and trusted team you feel comfortable with to get the lasting results you deserve.

Are you ready for the results you deserve? You’re already scheduled for a free discovery session which means you qualify for a virtual consultation. Remember, I speak from experience when I say that the path to transforming wellness, self confidence, and your hair starts with the decision to do so. 

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”  – Maya Angelou

Create Lasting Transformation With the WEHL Program


Experience Women Eradicating Hair Loss (WEHL)


The WEHL program provides you with ongoing support to help you achieve success with your hair and overall health by returning your internal balance.

Unlike frustrating, surface solutions such as minoxidil and steroid injections, the WEHL program aims to pinpoint the root cause of your hair loss. Over the sixteen weeks we spend together, you’ll gain insight and control over your health through one-on-one coaching sessions. 

I spoke with Ky and she is extremely compassionate and knowledgeable in her field. I was in another state and she instructed me what steps to take. She’s concerned about her client’s internal well-being and she will get to the heart of the matter. Even long after our visit concluded, she was kind enough to bring me up to speed with new information brought to her attention about my condition because she continually sharpens her skills and research.

– Sheila M.

Beauty Begins Within

It’s my belief that to achieve lasting results, whether in beauty or health, you have to start with a woman’s mind and body. As I experienced first hand, hair loss is often only the symptom of something happening on a deeper level. 

By understanding the symptom(s) as an indication that something deeper is at play, we can shift our focus to improving your overall health, which will lead to restored hair. With the WEHL program you’ll receive hands-on support to identify the root-cause of your situation, and then to make the lifestyle transformation needed to forge forward into the future you deserve. 


Where You Are

  • Experiencing hair loss
  • Confused; concerned; maybe ashamed
  • Frustrated with dermatologists
  • Fed up with products that don’t deliver
  • Not feeling your confident self and not sure how to get that back

Where You’re Going to Be

  • Embracing your hair-loss situation
  • Discovering the root cause  & building  a strategy for recovery 
  • Healing hair loss holistically & intentionally
  • On a holistic regimen specifically for hair regeneration
  • Experiencing a life-changing, holistic journey of healing and increased wellness

The complete WEHL Program experience is available to you upon completion of a 90 – minute consultation.

A Note From Ky Smith

Insecurities, shame, and self-consciousness that come with hair loss; I know it all too well. 

Through three decades of experience as a licensed beauty professional, I’ve experienced the struggles of wanting to hide underneath weaves, wigs, and hats. I, too, have been disappointed by evidence-based formulas, dermatologist prescriptions, and solutions from an allopathic approach that fall short. 

Then I realized the answer was never in a “solution” but instead in a “process”, one that takes a holistic, full-body approach. This awakening has transformed my life and I knew that it’s something I had to share with other women looking to gain control over their hair loss, their lost confidence, and ultimately their life. 

If you are here today, you’re already one step closer to finding the solution you’ve been looking for. I can’t wait to lock arms with you as you rise to victory over your hair loss.

The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.

— Bill Clinton