Ky Smith, THANK YOU!! I have been suffering from, itchy, burning irritated scalp and hair loss for more than 6 months. In less than an hour, during a virtual consultation, Ky pinpointed my problem and let me know exactly what treatments would be needed to restore and repair my hair.
Sheila M.

I have trichotillomania and I’ve been pull-free since for 2 months. No weave to cover my hair or stopping me from pulling. My hair has been as free as a bird. I obviously do wear hats, scarfs, and I bought a wig for days when I’m going somewhere special. But for the most part, I’ve just been leaving my hair alone and allowing it to just BE. I’ve been eating better, got back in the gym, and took what I learned from your book to maintain strong healthy hair. My hair has been growing!!! Maintaining healthy hair is like having a second job!

I feel like I need to bring awareness to people with my disorder and give them a glimpse of hope, and I just want to share a little on what your book has helped me with when it comes to my disorder/healthy hair growth. If I didn’t read your book and search on ways to properly care for my hair, I don’t think I would be close to 2 months pull-free. There is no better reward than really taking care of your body and seeing the results of it. Your book has helped me and so has Jennece.

Hope all is well with you Ky, and God bless!!!

Happy Client

I had some concerns about thinning hair, so Ky Smith was recommended to me. We had a consultation over the phone. Ms. Smith was very professional, asking questions about my health as well as my over all stresses… which all could be affecting my hair health. She also suggested a yeast cleanse program, which has helped me to get the yeast out of my body to improve my health and my hair. Ms. Smith is all about directing and partnering with you for success. She doesn’t say things will change in a few months – 4 months before seeing some results was was the goal. My hair is doing well!!! I am looking forward to continued success with Ms. Smith.
Deborah R.

I feel so blessed to have found Ky, she has totally transformed my hair, I have NEVER been in such good hands! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable but she also has great customer service. I hated my real hair and absolutely was married to weaves! When I first came to Ky, my hair was damaged and broken, and now it is so healthy and full of life and growing like I’ve never seen before! No for me, weaves are a thing of the past. A client told me that Ky had growing hands and after 10 months of consistent treatment, I am a believer. I will never go elsewhere, Ky treats my hair like gold and that’s worth paying for!! I recommend everyone I know and don’t know to go and make this salon their home.
Happy Client

I have always had great hair! I may have been fat, but my hair was always on point! Never in my life would I have thought I’d experience hair issues or hair loss. I was so stressed and trying different medications had a direct affect on me in many ways. I stopped, moved, prayed, and someone told me about Ky Smith Trichologist.

I’d never heard of a Trichologist. Didn’t know what one did. I spoke with Ky and she is extremely compassionate and knowledgeable in her field. I was in another state and she instructed me what steps to take. She’s concerned about her client’s inernal well-being and she will get to the heart of the matter. Even long after our visit concluded, she was kind enough to bring me up to speed with new information brought to her attention about my condition because she continually sharpens her skills and researches. If you know anyone, anywhere that is experiencing issues with their hair, give her a call. She is a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for everything, Ky!

Stephanie S.