You’re a powerful woman. You’ve dominated your career goals, have a rewarding life outside of work, a loving family, and are the go-to source when friends need support. Then why is hair-loss making you feel so helpless?

Is it because you’ve hit dead ends with dermatologists? Been prescribed minoxidil and steroid injections that don’t work? Because protective styles and wigs feel like a disguise? Have you even tried a holistic approach that failed because it only addressed surface-level symptoms?

Forget about that. You’re better than that. And it’s time to put yourself first and embark on a healthy alternative to hair loss recovery.

A TRUE holistic approach, one aimed at the root-cause of the symptoms, and one that is designed specifically for you.

Women Eradicating Hair Loss (WEHL) is a 120-day, non-invasive, Trichologist-driven program that delivers results by pinpointing what doctors often overlook. Led by a certified hair-loss expert, WEHL empowers women to reclaim their health, increase their quality of life, and ultimately to love themselves from the inside-out.

You have control over all other aspects of your life. Now it’s time for you to control hair loss with WEHL.

Still on the fence? Reluctant to give the program a try because of negative past experiences with other remedies? Perhaps you’re afraid of your hair-loss situation? Maybe these are signals that you’re struggling with trusting yourself to make the right decision which is the last thing WEHL wants to hear. If there’s a way to assure your confidence in our program, and start you on a path to reclaiming your power, look no further than
WEHL’s founder and CEO, Ky Smith. 

A certified Trichologist, and first-hand survivor of hair loss, Ky’s love for cosmetology goes back to when she was a young girl combing her family member’s hair. She’s also been in your shoes. When she first encountered hair loss in her personal life she turned to dermatologists only to be disappointed by the surface-level solution of cortisone shots. 

You know what she did? She bootstrapped. She followed her passion for beauty and wellness and resolved her hair-loss challenges by getting to the root-cause of her situation. Renewed by the experience, Ky launched WEHL in order to bring health, restoration and confidence to the women who trust the program’s results-driven approach. 

We here at WEHL have a name for that approach. It’s called the ‘Fact Finding Mission’ and it has restored the beauty and confidence of hundreds of career conquerors, dedicated wives, loving mothers and everyday women who deserve to love themselves. 

The ‘Fact Finding Mission’ is a personalized protocol that 

(1) uncovers,
(2) treats, and
(3) restores your hair

What the ‘Fact Finding Mission’ does is it builds upon itself, addressing the needs of each individual woman that trusts in its process. And what these women find along the way is that the vibrance and beauty is not only restored to their hair, but also in their mind, their body, and their spirit. 

You know better than we do that your to-do list is endless. There are dozens, if not hundreds of people who count on you. And if that’s true, and you’ve spent time reading this far, it’s safe to say that our program is right for you. So first off: Congratulations! You’ve taken a tremendous first step because the solution to all of life’s issues begin with realizing and admitting that a solution is needed in the first place. Good for you.

Now let’s dive deeper into the program so you better understand the curriculum and how to reap the benefits of our holistic approach. The first thing you’ll want to do is enroll. At this point – and whether you’re ready to admit it or not – it’s okay if you don’t fully understand your hair loss issues. It’s not an easy situation to come to grips with, let alone to diagnose. But that’s why we’re here and what our expertise is for. The main thing at this point is that you’re ready to begin a transformative, invigorating journey of wellness to once again be your best self. 


It all starts with a 15-minute consultation. It’s here that we get to know about YOU, specifically your health and lifestyle. So don’t hold back!

The consultation is a two-way street. It’s designed to be both educational and informative, detailing the WEHL program and how it can be crafted to accomplish your hair loss and wellness goals. It’s also a judgment-free space for you to be as open and honest about your situation as you are comfortable being. Like anything worth doing in life, you get what you put in.


With this information, and a bond established, you’ll move into the blueprint phase. It’s here that a personalized plan is crafted to address your situation from the inside out.

With input from the consultation, and a focus on balancing your body’s natural pH, the blueprint acts as a roadmap for you to increase the integrity of your hair, maximize retention, and ultimately to restore your proper quality of life. 


Each woman is different. And each situation is unique. That’s what sets our holistic approach apart. We supplement this approach with proven products that, if needed, support the blueprint that is crafted specifically for you.

Keep in mind, our hair loss recovery products and equipment are included in the program, but their use and application vary from woman to woman and situation to situation. 

Embarking On Your Wellness Journey

After you’ve determined the best time for you to start the program, we’ll begin with assessments and blood chemistry analysis. We’re trained experts, so there’s no need to worry about the invasiveness of our approach. They’re not focused on surface-level solutions, but are focused on getting to the root cause of your situation. Remember, this is a full-body approach taking into consideration all the nooks and crannies that make you…YOU. 

It’s important at this phase to make note of all allergies, health conditions, and personal preferences. These will all play an integral part in the next phase: Holistic Healing.

With the information gathered during the consultation, and a clear picture of your whole being from the blueprint phase, the focus at this stage turns to promoting cellular regeneration. That’s just a fancy way of saying WEHL will be your guiding light as you move towards not only hair growth, but lifestyle changes to rejuvenate and revitalize your complete woman. 

This includes eating habits, physical activity, and an ear to hear your everyday concerns. That’s what sets us apart: our connection with the women that we treat. We believe in connecting, encouraging, and keeping all WEHL participants accountable, providing guidance and adjustments to increase efficacy when needed.

But life isn’t perfect. Time is limited. And there might be times when a hectic schedule keeps you from connecting with us. Don’t worry. We’ve encountered this before and that’s why we’ve incorporated the WEHL Journal into the program. The WEHL Journal provides a place for you to record your accountability to your wellness transformation. It’s also a place for you to log your thoughts and feelings for the times when you cannot connect with Your Hair Loss Advocate. Whatsmore, it provides the opportunity for you to log your daily eating habits, your favorite inspirational quote, and to keep you motivated and moving in the right direction as you see your progress over time written down in black and white. 

About the WEHL Journey

The highlight of our comprehensive approach is the Hair Growth Wellness Planner. This innovative journal is your ultimate guide to achieving vibrant and luscious hair, while embracing a holistic and fulfilling lifestyle. Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and self-care as you fill the pages of this remarkable tool.

Unleash your creativity, dreams, and hair goals with the empowering Vision Board and Map. Chart your personalized roadmap, express aspirations through words and visuals, and bring your ideal future to life.

Next delve into your emotions and aspirations in the “My Journey and Challenges” section. Capture your feelings, dreams, and plans visually, outline goals, and break them down into actionable steps for steady progress.

You get to track your progress like a pro in the Daily section. Set intentions, monitor habits, record sleep patterns, and cultivate mindfulness. Optimize your overall well-being and positivity.

Plan your schedule and set goals in the Weekly section. Document your hair wash day routine with pride, refining care practices for tailored results.

Last but not the least observe your hair progress in the Monthly section. Photograph milestones, describe hair’s feel and growth, and make informed adjustments. This holistic approach enables you to make informed decisions to your routine and celebrate your achievements along the way.

But remember, the Hair Growth Wellness Planner is not merely a journal—it’s a tool for self-care and wellness. Embrace it as a habit, an integral part of your daily routine, and a catalyst for a healthier, happier life. Prioritize your well-being, reflect on your progress, and adapt as necessary. Trust yourself and your journey, and let the Hair Growth Wellness Planner be your steadfast companion in achieving your hair growth goals.

Unlock the potential within you and experience the transformative power of the Hair Growth Wellness Planner. Start today and embark on the path to vibrant, healthy hair and a life filled with confidence and joy.

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